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Lily's Truth DVD/CD
(For Children, Teens and Adults)
Lily's Truth is a unique production. Lily's Truth is a cutting-edge, comprehensive multimedia guide to spiritual empowerment for parents, caregivers, and kids of all ages. Lily's Truth is a magical tale about a teenage girl named Lily who embarks on a wondrous dream journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Offering effective tools for the challenges kids face today, the 17 artful chapters provide solid directives for raising strong children who are in touch with their spirituality, originality, authenticity and worth.

No other educational product available concisely explains the fundamental concepts of authority, trust, standards, rights, passion and so much more. In addition, new spiritual concepts are illuminated which invite the viewer to expand beyond conventional thinking. This powerful information is woven into a magical story that is accompanied by inspiring art, soothing narration and beautiful music. The content of the DVD is designed to help you discover your Truth, Creative Authority and Mastery over your life.

The Data Disc
(For Children, Teens and Adults)
A Data Disc is included with the DVD. This disc provides the full text of Lily's Truth for individuals who would like to read the book. For individuals wishing to explore the concepts discussed in the DVD and the book, the Data Disc provides a set of 52 printable contemplation cards, one card for each week of the year. And for very young learners, the Data Disc provides a printable coloring book which introduces the basic concepts offered in  Lily's Truth.

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Lily's Truth for Kids
Book (For Children and Adults)
Based on the work Lily's Truth, this book gives a simplified version of the original story. Appropriate for younger learners, all the same concepts are fully discussed in a colorful, easy-to-read format. For kids 8 and up. 8.5 x 11, full color, soft cover, 63 pages.
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Lily's Truth
Book (For Teens and Adults)
Lily's Truth is a magical tale about a teenage girl named Lily who embarks on a wondrous dream journey of self-discovery and empowerment. She has a mystical visionary experience in which she meets seventeen Master Teachers who lovingly impart the wisdom that leads her to a greater understanding of herself, her life and her world. Primary concepts addressed are: self-knowledge, trust, individuality, standards, communication, rights, faith in self, beliefs, passion, focus, breathing and releasing, inner strength, appreciation, acceptance, love, peace and God Within. This colorful, beautifully illustrated book offers new tools, compassionate understanding and clear insight into your own truth so that you might live each day to the fullest and realize your grand potential. For teens ages 14 through adulthood. 8.5 x 11, full color, softcover, 68 pages.               
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Book (For Children, Teens and Adults)
BLOOM – The Book Written & Illustrated by Susan A. Haid. Bloom is a playful, full-color, illustrated supplement to Lily's Truth. This book complements the lessons from Lily's Truth in a poetic and easy-to-read format (45 Pages). Publisher: Susan A. Haid
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Book (For Adults)
Smokin' Hot Mama is a light-hearted, fun, funny little book that invites the reader to step boldly (and nakedly) into complete liberation and full acceptance of oneself. Take a ride with Smokin' Hot Mama as she throws convention to the wind, laughs brazenly at herself and at life in general. Written with hilarity and poignancy, this is a book you will read over and over again. It will warm your heart and lift your spirit. Quite possibly, you will never look at yourself the same way    
                       again. After turning the final page, you might be hopelessly inclined to fall in love with yourself.
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