Sound Healing

Masterfully applying the transformational power of sound, Susan will expertly guide you into a profound healing space. Gentle yet powerful, sound has been used for thousands of years to support the balance of mind, body and spirit.

Invite the Lotus Tree Sound Oasis to your next event! We will bathe you in healing sound!

Guided Meditation & Intuition Development

The Fantasarium is the first and only fantasy school that employs the innate gift of fantasy and powers of the imagination to guide meditative experiences, expand awareness, create balance, enhance well-being and support graceful living.  The outcome of this practice is often profound, inexplicable and truly remarkable.   Combined with sound meditation, this unique fantasy practice opens doors to profound experiences within the invisible, magical realms of existence.

Classes, Workshops & Private Sessions

If you have an inkling that there is more to life than meets the eye, please join us as we explore the wondrous realms of inspired existence. 

Classes, workshops, retreats, private intuitive life coaching sessions, sound baths, and gong baths for all ages are ongoing.


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Discover the beauty within

Susan Haid, Sound Healing, Healing Sound, Guided Meditation, Intuitive Life Coaching

Sound & Guided Meditation

Susan uses a beautiful array of vocals & sacred sound instruments such as gongs, bamboo flutes, monochords, singing bowls and much more to create a stunning sound bath in combination with a guided fantasy meditation. You will be gently guided into a safe and sacred inner space where the intelligence of your own soul knows exactly what to do to facilitate balance and transformation.

Teacher, Intuitive, Sacred Sound Master

Susan offers a variety of growth experiences to her students. She conducts insightful, inspirational classes in spiritual development combined with expansive and healing guided meditations. 

In addition, Susan's powerful intuitive abilities bring clarity, insight, healing and a compassionate perspective to her clientele.

Sound Bath, Gong Bath, Sound Meditation with the Lotus Tree Sound Oasis

Lotus Tree Sound Oasis

The Lotus Tree Sound Oasis is an extended, meditative sound bath. A hypnotic mix of vocals & world instruments, highlighted by a gong bath, will gently transport you into a deeply personal, inner space of balance, deep relaxation and potential transformation.  A variety of sound tools from gongs, flutes, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, monochords, drums, rattles and rainsticks are expertly played to create a sacred sound journey. This experience is personal yet powerful and can lead to profound awareness and consciousness expansion.

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