Ascension Classroom

The Ascension Classroom is a weekly event.  This is a small group setting for serious students who wish to delve deeply into themselves, gradually opening to deeper and deeper inner transformations. This is an intimate classroom setting where you will be lovingly and expertly guided into the experience of your true nature and infinite spiritual beingness.

Sonic Body Balancing

Tuning forks can be used to move congested energy and bring balance to the mind, body & spirit. This is a very gentle, cutting edge art form that is exquisitely beautiful to receive, yet it is deceptively powerful in it's ability to move stuck energy.  Sound balancing is helpful for many conditions that affect us both mentally and physically. 

Lotus Tree Sound Oasis & Sacred Gong Events

Masterfully applying the transformational power of sound, Susan will expertly guide you into a profound healing space. Gentle yet powerful, sound has been used for thousands of years to support the balance of mind, body and spirit. 

The gong is a profound sacred instrument that is used to support healing, balancing and personal transformation. The powerful harmonics of the gong will touch you in deep and mystical ways, leaving you feeling cleansed and rebalanced. It is a powerful tool for ascension work and aspect integration as well. Your only requirement is to relax and receive the deep, healing benefits of resonant sound as it showers upon you.

Invite the Lotus Tree Sound Oasis to your next event! We will bathe you in healing sound!

About the Sacred Sound Gong Bath

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Discover the Beauty Within

Lotus Tree Sound Oasis

The Lotus Tree Sound Oasis is an extended, meditative sound bath. A hypnotic mix of vocals & world instruments, highlighted by a gong bath, will gently transport you into a deeply personal, inner space of balance, deep relaxation and potential transformation.  A variety of sound tools from gongs, flutes, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, monochords, drums, rattles and rainsticks are expertly played to create a sacred sound journey. This experience is personal yet powerful and can lead to profound awareness and consciousness expansion.

Teacher, Intuitive, Sound Master, Author

Susan offers a variety of growth experiences to her students. She conducts insightful, inspirational classes combined with expansive and healing sound events. 

In addition, Susan's powerful intuitive abilities bring clarity, insight, healing and a compassionate perspective to her clientele.


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