Experience a sound oasis

Here is a brief sample of one of the many gorgeous soundscapes created for a healing sound event.


Sound Therapy & Gong Events

Masterfully applying the transformational power of sound, Susan will expertly guide you into a nourishing, nurturing,  healing space. Gentle yet powerful, sound has been used for thousands of years to support the balance of mind, body and spirit. 

She uses several large gongs, flutes, vocals & other sacred instruments that support vibrational healing, balancing and personal transformation. These are powerful sonic tools that support soul integration, the release of old wounds and they rapidly raise your vibration. 

Embodied Enlightenment Classroom

The Ascension Classroom is a weekly event. This is a small group setting for serious students who wish to work on embodied enlightenment, delving deeply into themselves, and gradually opening to profound inner transformations. This is an intimate classroom setting where you will be lovingly and expertly guided into the experience of your true nature and infinite spiritual beingness.

Sonic Body Balancing

Tuning forks can be used to move congested energy and bring balance to the mind, body & spirit. This is a very gentle, cutting-edge art form that is exquisitely beautiful to receive, yet it is deceptively powerful in it's ability to move stuck energy.  Sound balancing is helpful for many conditions that affect us on every level.

About the Sacred Sound Gong Bath

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